"Sincere and passionate about holistic life style and using natural nature’s remedies to facilitate natural healing, I am trained and specialized in aromatherapy, therapeutic massage, IET (Integrative Energy Therapy), Reiki (Reiki MasterTeacher), polarity, and other healing modalities to achieve desired results by designing a plan and aromatherapy formulation to meet specific individual needs for each person.

Energy follows intent and my intent lies in your well-being and addressing your health/emotional needs holistically.

Allow me to help you relief your mental, emotional and physical stress and experience a state of well-being in which you can easily and readily connect with your higher Self so you can fulfill your Divine Blueprint in full allignment. 

It is of great importance to keep your energy field clear and keep your chakras balanced. Healing sessions that I offer will help gradually clear your field of emotional traumas you have experienced and holding on to. Holding on can greatly and adversely affect your health on all levels and your emotional well-being. Helping you clear your energetic field with ease and grace will bring about the relief and peace of mind you seek".

It is all about returning to your essence!



Shanti, DBA Rejuvelate

LMT, CA, RMT, IET, Polarity Therapist