Tough time of the season is here, weather is changing and we seem to be getting all sorts of symptom of colds and flu with spasmodic coughs and running noses, sore throats and ohhhh those body aches.

But do you know that you can avoide getting sick or shorten the duration of your illness if you have not been doing the preventative measures.

Essential oils are the concentrated aromatic compounds of plants, and our bodies respond profoundly to the medicine of aromatherapy - therapeutic use of essential oils. Many  studies have shown the anti-viral effect of essential oils ~ this is due to the oils inhibiting viruses from entering the cells. And  only a tiny amount of essential oil is needed to create this effect.

So by using  the formulations below you can fine tune your immune system with a very small amount of oils to prevent us from getting sick and to lessen  the duration and intensity of symptoms using essential oils if we've caught a cold.

Essential oils penetrate our skin very easiliydue to their small and compatible moleculer structure, and just a few drops in a teaspoon of carrier oil massaged into our lymph nodes and spine can make a huge difference for many, many people. 


All essential oils in the formulations are organic and therapeutic grade.



Use: Add 3-5 drops to 5ml or one teaspoon of carrier oil and rub on the lymph nodes such as under armpits and spine , also apply to the soles of the feet, base and balls of the toes,  and top of your feet. Apply every day after shower as aid in preventing colds and flu and if you have an ongoing cold use two to three times a day as indicated above. 

Diffusing: Add 6 drops to your cold air diffuse and diffuse in the house for anit viral effect.

Bath: Take a very warm bath with one cup sea salt and 6 drops of the essential oil mix. Soak for 20 min, making sure your head and hair is covered with the salt water too. After bath apply oils as indicated above and off to warm bed!!!

Ingredients: Ravensara, rosemary cineol, cinnamon, clove, thyme linalol, lemon, hyssop, tea tree, orgegano, eucalyptus radiata.






Use the spray to clear the air in your home or office to prevent the virus from spreading. Shake as you spray. Keep away from sunlight and heat.

Ingredients: Aqueous solutio and essential oil mix of ravensara, thyme, rosemary, peppermint, ecucalyptus, cinnamon, oregano, lemon, lavender, clove.




Spasmodic Dry Cough Relief (topical application)

Tired of coughing non-stop, especially at nighttime. This is a wonderful formulation that will provide relief from the worst spasmodic cough. This oil is ideal for a dry spasmodic cough only, not for loose. Must use 3 times a day at least, or as needed basis.

 Use: Shake gently before each use. Apply a small amount to the chest and upper back upon onset of symptoms. Repeat if necessary. Store in a cool, dark and dry place.

 Ingredients: organic oils of ojoba, essential oils of lavender, sandalwood, benzoin, eucalyptus, thyme linalol, tea tree, ravensara.