Channeling is who I am.

I am available for Private Channeling Sessions. 
You dont have to be in person, it can be done via phone or skype. It is two part, first there is a message and transmission of love and light of the highest vibration and then for you Q & A!

Contact me for sessions with the Council of Light and Your guides  

I am a channel for the Council of Light who are beings of light who ascended to the highest realms and here to assist us with ascending higher and higher and align with the highest frequency that there is, which is frequency of Love. We are here to help you find peace and harmony within, so your environment can match your inner state.

 I am here to serve as a bridge between you and the higher realms and make messages and transmissions of light and love available for you.

If you are seeking answers to questions that you cannot find answers yourself too, I am here to assist you with that using natural channeling abilities and if guided with angel card deck. 

I am here to tune in and receive guidance for you and angelic message that will serve your highest good and for the highest good of all, always according to the divine will.

Each reading is very inspiriting, humbling, shifting, unique and simply divine.

If you choose a long distance reading then I can email you the image of the card that came out for you for your reference.


Blessings and may our hearts meet in light