Personal Consultation With the Custom-made Blend

Pure plant essential oils are potent essences that have direct physiological and psychological affects on your mind, body, and spirit. They can be used in many applications, from rejuvenating your skin to promoting relaxation and sleep, to helping aches and pains, and many many more.

If I make you a personal blend, I will keep your recipe on file for future orders and there is no charge to remake your blend other than the cost of the blend itself, which is determined based on the oils used and the size that is needed.

I will do the consultation over the phone. 

Schedule your consultation by

calling 617-548-8758 or email


Customised Aromatherapy Products Just For You!

Customised aromatherapy gives you access to products created specifically for you with all the benefits that brings. 
I am  licensed in Aromatherapy, and vailable for you to discuss your particular requirements and help to create your own aromatherapy or natural skin care prescription blend.

Whether you are looking for a gentle therapy for your emotional of physical well-being or beauty product to enhance your own particular skin type, an individually created essential oil blend, or just a special treat for the bath, custom blending gives you a unique gift for either yourself or for someone special.

I can create for you:

  • a unique scent made from 100% pure essential oils  
  • an individually created massage oil or even a range of massage oils for massage or other tactile therapists - this will keep your clients coming back for more!
  • a range of products, including skin care, massage oils, body scrubs, clays if you are looking for an absolutely natural product that will benefit you on all levels.

I can help you create that special element to set you or your business apart or simply to pamper yourself!

Contact me for more details about our customised aromatherapy and/or customised natural skin care.