Deeksha is an ancient method of transmission of the Divine Energy, blessings that facilitates your Ascension and awakening process by liberating you from the chatter and constant interference of the mind, helps you with getting in touch with your heart and ascending into the heart centered consciousness, becoming whole in spirit, body, relationships. It helps you find unconditional love, joy and peace and as you reconnect with the yourself you awaken into Unity within yourself and with others, with the Prime Creator.

"The Oneness Blessing is a transfer of universal energy through touch or by the power of intent that creates a shift in perception leading to the direct experience of Awakened States. It works by initiating a neuro-biological restructuring of the brain, increasing the activity in the frontal lobes which is associated with the experience of living in the NOW. The chattering mind slows down and people experience an increased ability to solve problems, make decisions and feel connected to the people around them. The energy transfer also moves through the meridians as chi or prana, stimulating and balancing the chakras so that the higher Kundalini energy can naturally Awaken and flow. Deep-seated energy patterns begin to clear, together with blockages that limit the direct experience of who we truly are – pure, radiant consciousness."

The Oneness Blessing will accelerate your spiritual growth, giving you the ability to be the true witness of your life without the psychological attachment that gives rise to human suffering. Millions across the globe testify to the trans-formative effects of the Oneness Blessing, which is gaining recognition as by far the easiest and most effective approach to enriching human consciousness.

With the assistance of this blessing you can live fully, freely and in spontaneous harmony with all that exists.

PAST pains get released and transmuted into light.

Deeksha is here to contribute greatly to the Healing and Awakening of the Collective of Humanity and of the Earth Itself, to help you with challenging personal and planetary shifts that we are all passing through.

The outer world is a reflection of the inner world. To change the world, we must begin with ourselves, with the flowering of our hearts. That is why DEEKSHA is here NOW.


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